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What to Wear To an Interview

February 15, 2012 by maria

What to Wear To an Interview

The best attire that you can wear to a job interview is a suit because suits make regular people look professional and worth hiring. You want to show the employer that you want the job, and the only way you can do that is by dressing up properly. Your personal appearance is the first thing that the employer will see, so try to wear clothes that make you look professional and worth hiring.

How To Wear Clothes to an Interview

Never try to style your clothes in a different way, as employers find that as immature. Just wear the clothes as it is, and make sure that you never show too much skin. You want the employers to take you seriously and see you as a professional that wants the job. Never wear your clothes in a way that will compliment your figure too much because you’ll end up looking unprofessional. The more conservative you wear your clothes the higher your chances will increase to get the job.



Men are always advised to wear a business suit to a job interview, as it shows the employer that they’re serious about getting the job. Your suit must be a solid color like dark grey or navy, never any bright colors. If you don’t own a suit, then make sure that you just wear a long white shirt.

Things you’ll need: Belt, black socks, tie, conservative leather shoes, briefcase, portfolio, trimmed nails, neat haircut, limit the aftershave, and a bit of cologne. When you know what to wear for interview, you will have a better chance to get the job.

man in business suit

Women are also advised to wear a suit during a job interview, as the more conservative the better. You want to look professional during your job interview, because if not, the employer will not take you seriously. The skirt that you’re wearing with the suit must be about two inches below your knees. This will give you the opportunity to sit down without feeling any discomfort. You could also wear an interview dress if desired.

The things you’ll need: Coordinated blouse, limited jewelry (wear no jewelry if you only have cheap jewelry), professional hairstyle, conservative shoes, neutral pantyhose, neat manicure and pedicure, briefcase, portfolio, and light makeup. Learning how to dress for an interview will really give you a better chance to get the job.

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